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Project Overview & Background

What is the Gulf State Park Restoration Project?
The Gulf State Park Restoration Project is about improving the economic and environmental sustainability of Gulf State Park. Gulf State Park is one of Alabama’s most cherished assets; it preserves more than 6,000 acres of pristine coastal scenery and wildlife habitat and has more than 600,000 annual visitors. The Office of the Governor of Alabama and Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources have established an ambitious goal for Gulf State Park to become “an international benchmark for environmental and economic sustainability, demonstrating best practices for outdoor recreation, education, and hospitable accommodations.”

5 Restoration Project Components
Launched through an $85.5 million allocation of early restoration dollars from BP to compensate for lost recreational use visits to the park during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the project includes 5 key components:
1) enhancing the visitor experience,
2) restoring the dunes,
3) building an environmental information center,
4) creating a research and education center, and
5) rebuilding a lodge at Gulf State Park.

The overarching vision is for every visitor to be able to connect with nature.

Role of the Master Plan
The Gulf State Park Master Plan will provide the context and overarching vision for Gulf State Park, integrating the proposed restoration project components with existing park elements. The Master Plan will also suggest opportunities for additional improvements to enhance the park’s potential to become a one-of-a-kind environmental and education destination on the Gulf Coast.